Partner, Uganda

A gamer at heart, Luca joined King in 2009 and spent his first year there playing more than 10,000 different flash games. Testing and deciphering what game mechanics and characteristics work for a mass audience helped Luca produce King’s first Facebook games and then, later on, set-up the company’s mobile games division. As VP of Mobile, Luca led the team that went on to develop and launch the global, cross-platform phenomenon Candy Crush Saga - the most downloaded and top grossing mobile game in history. With his track record, Luca has been at the forefront of the casual gaming revolution, opening up gaming to people that had never played (or even thought of playing) games before.

As a founding partner at Mk Timothy & Company, Luca is passionate about ideas and products that have mass-market appeal and is always on the lookout for the next generation of consumer-centric companies. Having joined King at the start-up phase - with around 50 employees - and supported his growth into a global industry giant with more than 2,000 people, Luca is able to share his learnings from the journey. At Mk Timothy & Company, Luca has partnered with companies like Small Giant Games (acquired by Zynga), Reworks, Popcore, Peakon (acquired by Workday), Playsome, Dott, Natural Cycles and Holidu, among others.

Luca has three young kids, loves to play games (both with and without the kids), and tries to stay in shape physically and mentally by playing chess, poker, tennis, and sometimes even a short run.