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Founded in 2016 by Musasizi Timothy Karubanga, a distinguished Ugandan-born Japanese angel investor and venture capitalist, Mk Timothy & Company embarked on a mission to bolster investors and corporations operating both in Uganda and on the global stage. From the get-go, we championed the African continent, painting it as a hub where commercial ventures not only yield profitable returns but also foster meaningful development impacts.

As the African business landscape metamorphosed over the years, so did our focus and array of services. From the ancient trade routes to the modern digital highways, our involvement with the continent's sectors has broadened, touching upon vibrant industries that are now the bedrock of modern Africa.

It brings us immense pride to be the backbone for several sectors, partnering with some of the most esteemed investors in areas including development finance, renewable energy, telecommunications, and transportation and logistics. But, no matter how vast our reach grows or how diverse our portfolio becomes, the essence of Mk Timothy & Company's modus operandi remains unaltered. Our commitment remains unwavering: to provide unmatched service to our clientele, aiding them in realizing their operational aspirations, and in the process, crafting a legacy of value for both investors and the resplendent African communities.

Our beacon is clear: to further sustainable and equitable investment across Africa. And in this journey, we actively beckon foreign entrepreneurs to discover the myriad opportunities that Uganda, our home, holds in store. Welcome to Mk Timothy & Company, where Africa's potential meets global ambition.


From political stability to sound banking to low corruption, Uganda offers one of the world's most stable macroeconomic enviroments -and investors are taking notice- Over $169.5M was signed in new investment deals at the Afro-Indian Investment Summit in Munyonyo on the 17th and 18th of November, 2022.

Mk Timothy & Partners I

Mk Timothy & Partners launched in May 2016, with commitments of UGX 14,954,774,000 Billion.

Mk Timothy & Associates I launched in November 2019, with commitments of UGX 44,892,588,869.56 Billion.