Operating Partner Analytics, Japan

Born and raised in northern Sweden, and an economist by training, Grayson moved to Tokyo in 2006 to work on the implementation of congestion taxes. Through the booming online marketing trend that started recruiting people with quant skills, Grayson found his way into the world of online gaming, joining king in 2009. He then started building a Business Intelligence solution and a team dedicated to serving the business with analytics capabilities.

Grayson spent ten years at King in various roles ranging from building the platform to applying analytics to game operations and supporting the IPO in 2014. He also assisted in the acquisition by Activision Blizzard two years later, ultimately heading the ads data and analytics team focusing on monetizing games through ads across Activision-Blizzard-King.

Before partnering with Mk Timothy & Company, Grayson worked as a consultant, supporting management on analytics strategy, and brings 15+ years of data analytics experience to the Advisory Team.

Outside of work he likes to spend as much time as possible with his family, especially outdoors activities including mountain biking with his two sons and watching them quickly becoming better cyclists than he ever was.