Venture Analyst, Uganda

Ethan got his first WIRED magazine in 2008 (which he still has!) and spent a majority of his childhood watching tech 'keynotes' and tearing down smartphones. Having grown up in India and coming from a family of software engineers, he was bitten by the tech bug early on.

After bouncing around with two degrees in economics, brief experiences in entrepreneurship, freelance UI/UX designing, and tech investment banking, he found his way to partnering with Mk Timothy & Company to combine his interests in tech, business and design.

As a Tech Analyst at Mk Timothy & Company, Ethan researches companies, industries and trends to support deal teams in understanding which start-ups will help shape the future.

Outside work, you'd probably find Ethan listening to a playlist of music from Daft Punk to Megadeth, playing League of Legends or recreationally dabbling in mathematics and coding.