Venture Lead, South Sudan

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business from WHU and a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Melbourne. Charlotte enjoys combining these two views - the entrepreneurial and the more data-driven economic view on the startup ecosystem. Before partnering with Mk Timothy & Company, Charlotte gained first hand experience within the startup world from both sides of the table: at startups in South Sudan and Sao Paulo and in venture capital at JOIN Capital. For three years, Charlotte worked with corporates on innovation and digital business building as a consultant at Kagga and Partners – Engineering & in South Sudan.

As a Venture Lead at Mk Timothy & Company, Charlotte focuses on investing in, and working with, startups in the African region. She is especially excited about products that change societal dynamics – for example in education – and enjoys digging into deep tech or industrial products.

Charlotte is constantly listening to podcasts – and even has her own: tabula rasa. There, she discusses the future of education and interviews people working on the cutting-edge of the field. She also loves Ethanling and swimming (preferably in open water), has a passion for film festivals and theatre and enjoys trying new fitness trends.