Hi there! You likely know me as an investor, advisor and a serial entrepreneur based in Tokyo-Japan. I’m passionate about technology and love to tinker in my free time. Wikipedia


I am a founder and an independent director of  Tim Tech Consults. Where we’re remaking IOT from the ground up.
Also founded Home Duuka, Gold Cage Africa, Tim’s Pay and Ffesi.

I am also on the board of Mvule Project, Silver upholders and Timco Supplies .

An udergraduate degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

My other main project is Home, where I am Chairman.


Previously a member of Kwagalana Group in Uganda, and also young entrepreneur of the year 2012.


You are welcome to contact me via whatever channel you like, but please do not be offended if I never respond, as I tend to be very busy.

Sometimes I invest in small companies. If you want to send me your “pitch”, please consider recording a pitch video, posting it on YouTube, and sending me the link. I found this approach to be very time-efficient.